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Wood Floors Maintenance Procedure

References: United States Department of Labor OSHA requirements

Useful Definitions:

Hardwood Floor: Floors with hardwood, groove and tongue fitting.

Floors Specialist: A department members trained on hardwood floor refinishing and maintenance.


The floors at our facility are usually maintained by a hired contractor. In case if it is required to be done by management personnel, the given procedure is used.

Tools Required:

  • Face masks
  • Floor buffer
  • Buckets
  • SPP (Special Purpose Pads)
  • Watering cans
  • Gloves
  • Drop cloth
  • Large hard, weighted squeegee

A.   Preparation

  1. Place a work request for manpower, materials and time.
  2. Schedule the closure for 1-2 weeks in such a way that, it has least impact on staffs and students.
  3. Work on the airflow control to ensure the energy efficiency of the facility.
  4. Electrical and carpentry shop will work on removing electrical plate covers and metal striping.
  5. Cover every court edges and electrical outlets.
  6. Cover the areas touching the floors.

B.   Removal of Floor finish

  1. First strip the finish along the grain of wood, use the buffer with SPP attached to it. Do consistent and even side to side sweeps for 15 feet long from one end to other.
  2. Repeat the procedure, and make overlapping passes until the floor is stripped by 1-2 layers. It usually takes 6 full passes until the floor finish is stripped.
  3. Mop the floor with dust mop and vacuum the wood floor to pick up the finest dust particles. Don’t use water for removing dust on the floor.
  4. Vacuum and clean the whole area around the wood floor.
  5. Remove any tape, gum etc. to leave smooth and clean floor.

C.   Laying Floor Finish

Usually the finish is usable only for 24 hrs once mixed, so it should be used immediately after the preparation. The pourer should pour the finish and a person should pull the layer smooth with hard squeegees.  This way 4 coat should be applied to the floor for better result.

  1. Prepare the floor finish by mixing it as per the direction and also include acrylic hardener in it.
  2. Take mixture in watering can and pour it in a 5 inch straight ling along the grain of wood.
  3. Two pullers will work on smoothing the finish; first puller will pull the squeegee at certain angle facing inside of wood floor immediately.
  4. 2nd puller will follow the first immediately at the same angle as the first puller.
  5. Don’t stop in between, it will leave marks on the floor and damage the final finish.
  6. The pourer should watch for the spots left during the process, and repeat the process 6-7 times.

D.   Use of the newly finished wood floor

  1. Once the coating process is finished, we should allow it to harden for at least 50 hours before allowing any activity on the floor.

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